mStation|mophie has announced the Juice Pack Air (, the world’s thinnest
apple-certified external battery for iPhone 3G. The rechargeable
1200 mAH lithium polymer battery housed in an ultra-thin case
virtually doubles the amount of time you have to rock, talk, surf,
and send. Juice pack air will be available to consumers world-wide
this spring at Apple stores and for $79.95 in Black,
White, and Purple.

Juice pack air features an innovative “standby mode” that allows
users to control when they want to take advantage of additional
battery support versus simply using it as a protective case. The
integrated 4 LED charge status indicates how much juice is remaining
in the external battery. Unique pass-through design allows users to
simultaneously charge their juice pack air and sync their iPhone 3G
with iTunes with the included USB cable.

“The juice pack air is a simple yet elegant battery boosting
solution for iPhone 3G power users” says Ross Howe, Sales and Product
Development Director for mStation | mophie. “Advanced features like
standby mode and ultra-thin design make juice pack air the ideal
option for both extended battery support and protection.”

The mophie juice pack air will be available at Apple stores and this spring with an MSRP of $79.95.