The annual Lemelson-MIT Invention Index (, which gauges Americans’ perceptions about invention and innovation, shows that one out of every four teenagers and youth adults consider the late Steve Jobs the greatest innovator of all time.

Though part of the “Apple Generation,” many young Americans surprisingly chose Thomas Edison (54%) over Jobs (24%) as the greatest innovator of all time. Trailing Jobs was Alexander Bell (10%), Marie Curie (5%), Mark Zuckerberg (3%), Ameila Earhart (3%) and Temple Grandin (2%).

When asked about how new technology like smartphones and tablets influences and impacts their personal lives, 40% of respondents said they couldn’t imagine their life without it. Americans also have a clear understanding of the role invention and innovation play in the health of the nation with nearly half (47%) saying that a lack of invention will hurt the U.S. economy, notes Lemelson-MIT.