Singular Software has announced the availability of PluralEyes for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X (FCP X). It works alongside FCP X to quickly and accurately sync video and audio clips for dual-system audio and multi-camera productions.

“The auto sync function that is built into Final Cut Pro X is a start, but most professional editors will want more,” says Bruce Sharpe, CEO, Singular Software. “They want to be able to sync many clips at once, see the results right away, and be confident that the sync will work across a broad range of real-world video projects. PluralEyes for FCP X is built on the same technology that is used countless times every day to sync weddings, corporate videos, documentaries and a host of other video production types.”

PluralEyes for FCP X is available today for US$149. Existing PluralEyes for FCP customers can upgrade to PluralEyes for FCP X free of charge. A 30-day demo is available for download (