Realore says Roads of Rome 3, the sequel to their casual strategy series for Mac OS X. It will require Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, cost US$6.99 and be available in the Mac App Store.

Here’s a summary of the game: “Barbarians are at the gates of the mighty Roman Empire. They burn villages, rob peasants and common townsfolk. Someone has to put an end to these attacks and restore peace in once thriving lands of Rome. This time the game is bigger in scale, boasts better graphics, improved gameplay mechanics and of course a new story about a noble Roman general Victorius.

“Viking warlords have no mercy and they set on fire everything that is built by the Romans. The mission of the player as Victorius is to fight the flames, rebuild the infrastructure and towns demolished by the invaders, go to the far corners of the Empire through snowstorms and sands of the deserts and protect the citizens of Rome.

“Gameplay in Roads of Rome 3 is even harder than it was due to new tasks the players have to deal with. But now the game features 4 difficulty levels including a relaxed mode for those who just want to experience the story and enjoy the beautiful graphics without any pressure from the timer. For those who enjoy the challenge the game has three extra hard levels to unlock on top of 40 levels of the main campaign set across four different types of landscapes.”