With grants from the National Institute of Justice, ATC-NY is bringing P2P [peer-to-peer] Forensics and Macintosh Forensics Training to U.S. law enforcement at no cost to participants.

Upcoming sites include Brooklyn, New York, Feb. 29, March 1; Phoenix, Arizona, March 21 and 22; Newnan, Georgia, April 18; Frankfort, Kentucky, May 8, 9; and St. Charles, Illinois, June 12,13. In addition to general training in P2P Forensics and Mac forensics, the following forensic tools are provided to participants at no charge: 

° P2P Marshal: a tool that automatically detects, extracts and analyzes P2P evidence on a hard drive;

° Mac Marshal: a tool that analyzes Mac OS X file system images.

For further info about details and locations on the training go to http://www.p2pmarshal.com/index.php/training and www.macmarshal.com/index.php/training .