Apple’s newly released MacBook Pro models now support audio output via their mini DisplayPort, and Dr. Bott’s mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapters fully support this new feature. With these adapters, a single HDMI cable can transmit both audio and video to your LCD-TV or LCD-display.

Older Macs with a non-audio mini DisplayPort can achieve the same result by using the Dr. Bott Audio and mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Pro. This adapter combines digital audio and digital video to a single, unaltered HDMI signal to pass to the display via HDMI cable.

All Dr. Bott HDMI adapters for mini DisplayPort support HDCP copy protection. They’re plug and play; no driver installation is necessary.

The US$29 Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter is designed to connect your flat panel display or LCD-TV with HDMI-Port to a computer equipped with a Mini DisplayPort. It supports audio output on the MacBook Pros released this week.

The $99Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter Pro w/Optical Audio transmits the Audio and Video signals from your Mac with mini DisplayPort to a HDTV or home cinema set-up with HDMI.

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