Mac Game Creator Toolkit CD

Staffieri Software announces the release of the Mac Game Creator Toolkit
CD-ROM. Now anyone can create their OWN game on the Macintosh. The CD
includes registered versions of some of the best Mac game creating programs

– Award winning Coldstone RPG Game Engine by Beenox Studios. –
– GameMaker by Al Staffieri Jr. –
– StoryMaker by James Burton –
– AdventureCreator by Autumn Software
– Adventure Simulator by Scott Henderson

It also includes various game creating tutorials, utilities, sample games
made with a few of the game creation programs, demo/trial versions of
commercial programming languages such as FutureBASIC and REALbasic, plus
many links to Mac programming and game creating web pages and resources.

The CD-ROM is available for $39. Stop dreaming and start creating! Visit
the Mac Game Creator Toolkit web page for more details.

Thank you,
Al Staffieri Jr.