Apple, Google, Amazon and IBM are the new “four horsemen of tech,” “high-profile public technology companies that are sure to return strong growth to investors year after year,” according to “CNN Money.”

To determine the four horsemen, the publication surveyed 30 technology experts, ranging from stock analysts to tech consultants to fund managers, asking them to pick four public companies, which eliminated FaceBook. “CNN Money” also polled “thousands” of readers.

Here’s what the survey had to say about Apple: “The voting wasn’t really that close. Apple was the clear leader, appearing on 84% of experts’ ballots. It’s no surprise: Apple is the most valuable technology company on the stock market, yet it is also one of the fastest-growing.
Apple is a frontrunner in the smartphone revolution, and its iPad created a new category of mobile computing … Apple is also embracing the other key technology trend with its high-profile iCloud.”

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