Absoft Corp. has announced general availability of the new Pro Fortran 2012 v11.5 for Mac OS X. Compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 and higher, the upgrade incorporates new features designed to improve ease-of-use and increase performance on multi-core systems.

The primary features of Pro Fortran 2012 for Mac OS include: Absoft’s exclusive dynamic load balancing optimizer (-05) for multi-core systems; addition of AVX vector support in compiler and Fx3 graphical debugger; a new matrix view array display for the Fx3 graphical debugger; additional Fortran 2003 and 2008 extensions; Absoft’s new HPC Scientific and Engineering math library for Mac OS; Absoft Tools (IDE) has been enhanced to support external library plug-ins; and the new 64-bit Cocoa compatible Absoft Window Environment (AWE) which can automatically add a Mac style graphical interface to your compiled applications.

IMSL numerical libraries are an available option (IMSL availability on Mac OS X is an Absoft exclusive). Prices start at US$299. Additional information is available at: http://www.absoft.com/Absoft_MacIntel_Compiler.htm .