, a new website to provide a daily dose of Siri Quips and Tips, launches today. The site will present daily screenshots of choice Siri responses both on the Web and by free email subscription. 

Siri is the virtual “personal assistant” on the iPhone 4S that uses sophisticated voice-recognition to perceive the meaning of natural human speech, without the need to use any Siri-specific grammar. 

“Ever since the iPhone 4S burst on the scene in mid-October, Siri has attracted most attention for her often hilarious responses, but she also has serious capabilities,” says Jodi Dery, developer of the website. “ is the first website to introduce a daily service to keep up with Siri, presenting each morning new screenshots of both a laugh-provoking Siri Quip and an especially useful Siri Tip.”

Since is a daily service, what you will see each day on the website or receive by email, at your option, will be different than what you saw the previous day, she says.