Blue Mango Learning Systems has introduced Clarify 1.0, their new image-based communications tool for Mac OS X and Windows systems.

Blue Mango CEO Greg DeVore says Clarify helps people create clearer communications through the combined use of multiple screenshots and text. Users capture screenshots turn them into documents, add text and image annotations and then share their documents as a PDF, as an email, via Dropbox or through Blue Mango’s free Clarify-it service.

“Too many screen capture applications focus on just taking picture,” he says. “A picture isn’t a communication. It’s a single thought, a single example. In our experience a single picture or screenshot isn’t enough to communicate most thoughts clearly. But the tools that have existed up until now haven’t made visual communication easy. Clarify solves that problem.”

Clarify is now available for Mac or Windows for US$29.99. A cross-platform license can be purchased for $39.99. Licenses can be purchased through the Blue Mango Online Store ( or through the Mac App store.