Runware has released the US$69 Runalyzer (, a patented heart rate monitor made for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, compatible with all analog chest straps and integrated with several apps in the Apple App Store.

The Runalyzer is aimed at both beginners and experienced athletes who want to measure the impact of their training and monitor their progress. It’s also designed for casual runners and anyone who would like to start again a physical activity.

The Runalyzer is a small electronic receiver weighing just four grams. It plugs to iOS device, removing the need for a watch while remaining compatible with existing chest straps.

This makes it possible to correlate the heart rate transmitted directly to the application with the other measurements provided by the iDevice: altitude, three-dimensional acceleration and orientation, GPS location, average, maximum and instantaneous speed, number of steps, duration of the exercise, etc. Combining these data, it is possible to achieve precise calculations of energy consumption, fat loss and intensity of physical effort (transitions between heart rate zones) in each training session.