MacMost has published The Video Guide to Lion. Instead of a traditional book or a set of tutorials on a DVD, it is an application that can be purchased in the Mac App Store. It requires Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) and costs US$9.99.

Targeted at new Mac users, or users who have just upgraded to Lion and are looking to learn about its new features, the Video Guide to Lion is a series of 21 video tutorials that can be watched right on a Mac inside the application.

Gary Rosenzweig, the producer of MacMost, says the guide’s two hours-plus of instruction includes topics like manipulating files, using Finder windows, learning about Mission Control, file sharing, browsing the web, using Mail, and accessing system preferences.

Once a user has purchased the Video Guide to Lion, it will download to their Mac and can be run at any time. They can jump around between the videos, pause them, and resume them later. Mac users can also run the Mac App Store from their Dock and then search for it.