November 14, 2002


Bellevue, WA–November 14, 2002–Blue World Communications, Inc.–pioneers
of the Web Data Engine(tm)–today announced the immediate availability of
the FileMaker Pro Talk archive at Blue World The archive
includes all posts sent to the Blue World FileMaker Pro Talk email
discussion forum since its inception in August, 1995. The archive includes
over 126,000 posts with over 33,000 threads from over 7,700 authors.

“For over six years, Blue World has dedicated itself toward maintaining
searchable archives of many important email lists in an effort to help
support the Internet community,” said Bill Doerrfeld, CEO of Blue World.
“We have a particular passion for building and maintaining email-based
communities as we believe through sharing of information, all within the
community benefit. By providing the burgeoning FileMaker community with
this valuable service, we believe it will help attract more FileMaker Pro
users to our Lasso product line.”

FileMaker Pro Talk at

The FileMaker Pro Talk archives are immediately available at

Features of

Blue World provides the following features:

– Comprehensive GUI – A tabbed-based graphical user interface provides an
easy way to navigate throughout thousands of email messages. The
multi-panel design groups items in an intuitive manner for easy

– Search Methods – Searches can be performed using contains (for sub-string
text matching) or keyword (for exact word matching) search methods.

– Relevance Sorting – Search results can be sorted according to relevance
(e.g. records more relevant to the search criteria are displayed first).

– Quick Search – Quick Search provides instant access to message field
keyword searching on each page.

– Multi-Field Searching – Search independently or collectively on Subject,
Message, Author Name, Author Email, Date From and Date To fields extracted
from all email messages contained in the archives. This provides powerful
AND-type (e.g. aggregate term matching) searching.

– Search Term Highlighting – In the message detail, requested search terms
are highlighted within the message, subject and author fields of text for
easy identification.

– Message Threading – For each message, a list of other messages in the
associated message thread are displayed with visual indication of the
message’s placement within the thread. This eases navigation within lengthy

– Re-Sort Columns – In each view showing a listing of records, fields can
instantly be re-sorted simply by clicking on the column header for said
field. Sort order identification is also visually represented by ‘ and ”
characters (e.g. representing ascending and descending sort order

– Statistical Reports – A wealth of reports are provided showing the number
of posts, authors, and threads within any given date range. This makes it
easy to view a list of popular authors and threads.

– Search Term Logging and Reporting – When users perform a search, each
search term submitted is logged and reported on in real-time. This makes it
easy to view a listing of popular search terms.

– Online Help – Each page contains a link to help text describing all the
functionality on that page.

“We believe the features in Blue World provide the most
robust service available for searching email discussion forum archives,”
said Bill Doerrfeld. “We’re committed to continual improvements to this
service as more lists and messages are added.”

The Ideal Tool Set

Blue World is powered by Blue World’s recently released
Lasso Professional 6 Web application server product. Email archiving is
achieved using POPmill (, a third-party add-on to Lasso
Professional 6 which facilitates POP email connectivity. The database
server used for Blue World ListSearch is MySQL 4 (, the
next-generation version of MySQL, the leading open-source database on the

“By using Lasso Professional 6, we’ve been able to build an incredibly
complex system in a fraction of the time it would have taken using another
tool set,” said Bill Doerrfeld. “Blue World serves as an
exemplary site showcasing the new features and performance of Lasso
Professional 6.”


Blue World archives messages posted to popular email
discussion forums and provides a powerful search engine allowing users to
quickly find answers to their technical and business related questions. In
continuous operation since 1995, Blue World ListSearch provides a free
service regularly used by tens of thousands of people.

About Blue World

Blue World Communications ( delivers cross-platform
software tools allowing Web developers and designers to quickly build and
serve powerful data-driven Web sites. Blue World provides Lasso
Professional, Lasso Web Data Engine, Lasso Studio and Blue World in fulfillment of its mission to bring business to the