Logitech (http://www.logitech.com) has unveiled the Logitech Harmony Link, a small device designed to fit in next to your TV and media electronics and communicate over Wi-Fi with the free Logitech Harmony Link App for iPad.

After setup, the Logitech Harmony Link and the Logitech Harmony Link App work together to let iPad users browse a personalized schedule of their favorite shows, channels and genres to find something to watch and — with one touch — turn on all the right devices and tune to the right channel, says Ashish Arora, vice president and general manager of Logitech’s Digital Home Group.

By leveraging Logitech Harmony technology, the Harmony Link offers the activity- and device-based control provided by the line of Logitech Harmony Advanced Universal Remotes. Just select what you want to do, such as “Watch a Movie” or “Listen to Music,” and Harmony Link automatically switches your devices to the right settings .

The Logitech Harmony Link connects to your existing home wireless network to receive Wi-Fi signals from the Harmony Link App and turns them into IR commands that home-entertainment devices can understand. Harmony Link can control up to eight devices, is compact (about the size of a hockey puck) and was designed to integrate neatly and discreetly with your home entertainment system, says Arora. Harmony Link includes an IR mini-blaster accessory so you can control entertainment devices both inside and outside of a closed entertainment cabinet.

The Harmony Link can even connect with more than one iPad at a time, letting multiple family members use their own iPad with their own set of favorite channels. The remote control functionality of Logitech Harmony Link also works with the iPhone or iPod touch, as well as with Android smartphones.

Initially, smartphones will not receive personalized program guides from the downloadable app; however, Harmony Link will deliver complete activity-based control over up to eight devices in your entertainment system, according to Arora.

Logitech has teamed with Rovi Corp. to provide program information behind its free Harmony Link App. Rovi data includes show synopses, movie overviews, and images.

The Logitech Harmony Link is expected to be available in the U.S. in October for a suggested retail price of US$99.99. The Harmony Link App for iOS tablets and smartphones and the Harmony Link App is due at the same time.