Speck has released a new case for the iPhone 3G: the US$34.95
SwitchWay (http://www.speckproducts.com/content/iphone-3g-switchway).
It can be worn in both a horizontal portfolio position and as a
vertical wallet-style case.

Its two built-in belt clips allow for a quick switch to or from a
horizontal or vertical position without needing to adjust or change
anything on the case. The clips also enable SwitchWay to attach to a
bag strap and the folio styling is ideal for tucking away in a bag or

The exterior is protective and scratch resistant, and a soft, padded
inner lining works to help clean the screen and protect from scuffs
and scrapes. The two closure flaps help keep the iPhone secure in the
case. Fingertip-sized openings facilitate removal from the case,
which also includes openings for dock and headphone cable
connections. The SwitchWay case is available in an outer black
exterior shell with soft black interior lining and yellow outer
stitching details.