NCsoft, a publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online
games (MMOs), has announced a partnership with TransGaming to bring
the City of Heroes franchise ( to the
Mac. The game has been enabled for the Mac by TransGaming, a
developer of portability technologies for the electronic
entertainment industry.

City of Heroes for Mac will be available for public beta testing with
the release of the game’s thirteenth expansion, Issue 13: Power and
Responsibility, later this fall. The official launch will occur
pre-holiday this year with a special digital-only Mac edition of City
of Heroes, available across all NCsoft West consumer territories.

Here’s how the game is described: “In City of Heroes, the most
popular comic book inspired MMO on the market, players craft their
hero or villain identities and join millions of other player created
characters in a constantly expanding universe. Unparalleled character
customization is a hallmark of the City of Heroes franchise. Players
can choose from hundreds of different powers and thousands of costume
options, resulting in near limitless personalization. Players may go
it alone or band together with others in super groups.”

City of Heroes for Mac was made possible using TransGaming’s Cider
Portability Engine, which acts as a “wrapper” around the game
software, enabling it to run on Intel-based Macs. The partnership
with NCsoft to develop and publish City of Heroes for Mac offers the
Mac gaming community its first opportunity to do battle in the
streets of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles in a persistent universe
with no differentiation between the PC and Mac.

The City of Heroes Mac Special Edition digital product will be sold
at the PlayNC store and at Gametree Online City of Heroes is rated
“T” for Teen. For more information about City of Heroes go to