Dashwood Cinema Solutions, developer of Mac-based stereoscopic 3D (S3D) products, has released Stereo3D (http://www.dashwood3d.com/stereo3dcat.php), an on-set calibration and analysis system.

Introduced at NAB 2011, it provides the ability to simplify stereoscopic 3D camera calibration and monitoring. Stereo3D CAT implements patent-pending technology to power systems for accurately aligning the geometry and colorimetry of stereoscopic setups, calculating proper interaxial separation for any given parallax depth budget, monitoring parallax and vergence in the scene, compensating for disparities in the image and logging all settings for future reference in production or post-production, according to Dashwood Cinema Solutions Founder Tim Dashwood.

Stereo3D costs US$12,499. A demo is available for download.