CompuExpert has released the Genius Bluetooth HS-905BT Stereo Headset ( in North America. Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and devices, the HS-905BT allows users wirelessly connect to their mobile phones, iPads, tablet computers and music players and take phone calls or listen to music using a single headset.

With its clip-on design and effective range of up to 10 meters, the Bluetooth receiver/microphone is lightweight and easy to attach to clothing and accessories. There are buttons on the device for controlling volume, call answering and ending, and music selection.

The HS-905BT can play music for up to six hours or standby for 165 hours on a single charge; charging purportedly takes only two hours via the included Micro USB cable. A pair of hearphones is also included, but users may also turn their favorite headphones into a Bluetooth portable device using the 3.5 mm jack.

The HS-905BT will also connect to a set of speakers enabling them to receive audio wirelessly from your mobile device or tablet. The Genius HS-905BT is currently available at for a suggested retail price of US$59.99.