Registered users of Ableton Live 8 or Suite 8 can now download Retro Synths free of charge. In addition, purchasers of Ableton Live 8, Suite 8 or any relevant upgrade before Oct. 31 will also receive Retro Synths for free.

For further details, video/ audio demos, as well as a download link, go to . Retro Synths contains more than 4,000 samples of synthesizers from the past three decades, imulti-sampled and completely integrated into Ableton Live.

The selection includes Minimoog basses, acid lines from the Roland TB-303, phase distortion sounds from the Casio CZ-series and more. Every preset is immediately playable and can be customized using the flexible Macro controls.

The latest free update gives Retro Synths two new soundsets. Modular Patterns contains basses, resonant leads, as well as further sounds and phrases from a classic analogue modular system. Opus explores the lush string, brass and organ sounds of the Moog Opus 3.