OWC and NewerTech are now offering four acrylic accessories for Apple’s Mac mini — the NuStand mini (a curved acrylic stand that allows you to slip the mini underneath and a monitor on top), NuClear mini (a 0.75-inch piece of acrylic plastic that raises your mini off the desk), NuBlue mini (the same as the NuClear mini, but in blue), and NuShelf mini (attaches to the bottom of a desktop or shelf and allows you to slip the mini inside). Prices range from US$24.95 to $39.95. In addition, the company’s announced new high-capacity replacement batteries for the 17-inch PowerBook. The new PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17-inch batteries, retail for $139.99 (60 watt-hour) and $169.99 (67 watt-hour) and offer up to 21 percent more capacity than the original battery shipped by Apple.