Kayak has launched Kayak Explore for Mac (http://on.Kayak.com/MacExplore), the first interactive travel planning app in the Mac App Store. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later and is free.
“Kayak Explore for Mac, takes the popular ‘Explore’ feature from our web site, gives it a personal trainer, pumps it full of steroids, reads it a number of self-help books, bites it with a radioactive spider, exposes it to an accidental overdose of gamma radiation (intentionally), and makes it way more fun and useful — basically by adding hotel prices, pretty pictures, and lots of cool animations,” says Kayak Chief Architect and GM of Mobile Bill O’Donnell.

Kayak Explore is a vacation planning app. Don’t know where or when you want to take your next vacation? Or have $500 and don’t know where that will take you? Just tell Kayak Explore where you are and what you like, and it will suggest a wide range of trips, including estimated airfare and hotel stays. It will even tell you the best travel dates when trips are cheapest.