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Kayak Explore is vacation planning app for the Mac


Kayak has launched Kayak Explore for Mac (, the first interactive travel planning app in the Mac App Store. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later and is free.
“Kayak Explore for Mac, takes the popular ‘Explore’ feature from our web site, gives it a personal trainer, pumps it full of steroids, reads it a number of self-help books, bites it with a radioactive spider, exposes it to an accidental overdose of gamma radiation (intentionally), and makes it way more fun and useful — basically by adding hotel prices, pretty pictures, and lots of cool animations,” says Kayak Chief Architect and GM of Mobile Bill O’Donnell.

Kayak Explore is a vacation planning app. Don’t know where or when you want to take your next vacation? Or have $500 and don’t know where that will take you? Just tell Kayak Explore where you are and what you like, and it will suggest a wide range of trips, including estimated airfare and hotel stays. It will even tell you the best travel dates when trips are cheapest.

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