Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogosphere:

The “Kodawarsian” web site ( says Apple is planning on holding their usual iPod “special event” on Wednesday, Sept. 7.

The “China Economic News Site” ( says Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, the world’s largest semiconductor foundry by market share, has allegedly started trial production of the A6 processor in cooperation with Apple, with the production design to be taped out in the first quarter of next year and scheduled to be publicly unveiled in the second quarter at the earliest.

“The Christian Science Monitor” ( thinks a Sprint iPhone 5 may be on the way.

Speaking of the iPhone, there are several rumors ( that Apple is planning an “iCloud Phone” that will host little in the way of onboard storage, but will link up with your iCloud data so you can play your music and other media, and access all the other normal iPhone items, including your apps, downloaded as and when you need them.