Insider Software has announced WEBSIWYG, a font-catalog web service that lets users view and request fonts residing on networked FontAgent Pro Servers.

It lets users browse and download fonts from enterprise font servers, while assisting administrators with font license allocation and compliance. FontAgent Pro Server customers can enable their users to preview all fonts available on their organization’s font servers, without requiring them to install the actual font files.

By offering users the ability to preview fonts in any web browser, administrators allow them to explore their enterprise font server the same way they explore font vendor web sites. Using WEBSIWYG, authorized users can log into FontAgent Pro Server and see what fonts are available, filter their search results, and see expanded previews of the fonts they have selected.

To download a font from the server, users add it to their shopping cart with a click. When a user finishes shopping, WEBSIWYG sends an email request to an administrator who approves the request, issues the user a license for the font, and triggers the font for download to the user.

WEBSIWYG enables FontAgent Pro Server users to preview fonts without requiring administrators to distribute the fonts to the users, thereby consuming an available font license. Using this approach, WEBSIWYG allows users to see fonts in their native typefaces while enabling IT, finance and legal departments to maintain control over font licensing.

WEBSIWYG requires Mac OS X Server 10.5 or later and connects to FontAgent Pro Server 4. Users can access WEBSIWYG using Internet browsers on a variety of computing platforms.

WEBSIWYG costs US$195 for five users. Volume license pricing is available on request. For more information, go to .