Salem, NH, 2006-08-30: Macintosh speech recognition authority
MacSpeech announces the release of its TranscriptionPak for iListen
1.7. The new TranscriptionPak allows you to use iListen 1.7 to
transcribe speech from a recorded file and supports a variety of
Olympus Digital Recorders as well as WAV or AIFF audio files. The new
TranscriptionPak features completely rewritten documentation and
includes the popular open source Audacity program
( to assist in converting and
editing audio files saved in formats not supported by iListen.

“We spent a lot of time thinking about the needs of our customers who
require a Transcription Solution,” said MacSpeech Chief Evangelist
Chuck Rogers, “and we determined the best way to handle it is to make
it an add-on where it is out of the way of the customers who aren’t
going to use it, and more robust for those that do.”

The TranscriptionPak retails for $75 but MacSpeech is offering it for
an introductory price of 50% off the retail price (only $37.50) to
anyone who purchases before October 1, 2006. It is available
immediately from the MacSpeech web site as a download or on a
physical CD. iListen 1.7 is required to use the new TranscriptionPak.

MacSpeech offers several iListen packages, including a software only
solution for $99, and a software and headset with microphone for
$149. MacSpeech also offers Transcription Solutions, which include
the iListen software with the TranscriptionPak, a high quality
microphone, and an Olympus digital recorder starting as low as

MacSpeech is a Mac-only company dedicated to producing the finest
speech products for Macintosh.