Imaja has updated TaskInsight (, its productivity and business task management tool, to version 3.0 with additional graphic timeline settings, background images, new commands for working with the task list and timeline view, the ability to import and export to TSV and XML data files, export of the timeline view to HTML5 web page files, AppleScript scriptability, and support for new features in Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”).

TaskInsight includes priorities, labels, color coding, manual and automatic sorting, drag and drop, copy and paste, undo and redo, import and export, customizable views, text-to-speech for selected tasks, and several optional fields. A number of new commands let users set the priority or status for the selected tasks. The Shift Time menu can be used to shift selected tasks in time in various increments. A number of simple and combination sorts can be selected from the new Sort menu or with keyboard shortcuts.

TaskInsight provides standard Mac OS X functions such as searching, drag and drop prioritization, drag and drop text in and out of TaskInsight, and includes extension features such as: copy items as tab-delimited text or color-coded tables in RTF (Rich Text Format), paste text lines into tasks, table column customization, and text-to-speech output for selected tasks. You can share task lists with other applications through the drag and drop and special copy and paste commands. Text can be resized for compact screen sharing views or large presentation views, and full screen mode can be engaged for presentations or focused task management sessions.

Document Settings provide display and behavior customizations. TaskInsight documents optionally include date columns for start, due, completed, created and modified dates so you can track the sequence of various tasks and states. Time of day display and editing is an option. Created, modified and completed dates are automatically set by TaskInsight, but can also be overridden.

The Recent Documents panel provides access to important task lists. The new toolbar supports the standard customizability of button size, labeling, visibility and placement, and the toolbar itself can optionally be hidden.

TaskInsight requires Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later. It’s available for US $49.99 from Apple’s Mac App Store in the Productivity and Business categories.