Following Tuesday’s news that BlackBerry is postponing the release of its latest handsets to the beginning of next year, citing BlackBerry 10 OS technical problems as the reason, the coupon code website, CouponCodes4u (, has conducted a flash-poll to discover Americans’ reactions to the news.
CouponCodes4u conducted a flash-poll of 1,451 Americans, aged 21-35, in a bid to discover more about their reaction to the news that Research In Motion (RIM) has postponed the launch of BlackBerry 10 OS and its latest handsets, the BlackBerry London and BlackBerry Nevada, to the beginning of 2013. The study formed part of research into perceptions of American consumers towards their personal phones and gadgets. 

Respondents were initially asked whether or not they owned a BlackBerry, to two fifths, 41% replied “yes.” Respondents were then asked whether or not they were happy with the news that RIM was delaying its latest phone and OS release, to which 96% replied “no.”
When questioned further to discover why they were unhappy with the delay, 31% of respondents replied that they “had waited too long” for the latest BlackBerry OS update, while 29% said that they felt that BlackBerry products were not “as well designed or built” as they used to be; 20% said they felt that BlackBerry was trying “too hard to be like Apple.”

According to the research, more than half, 52%, of the respondents who owned a BlackBerry said they were planning to switch to an iPhone or Android before the release of the new phones next year, with 43% citing the delay as the main reason for leaving.
Respondents who answered “no” to owning a BlackBerry were then asked to stipulate their reasons why. Over half, 65%, answered that lack of personal and business related apps, such as Instagram and Angry Birds, was a contributing factor, while 53% replied that there “was nothing special” that BlackBerry could offer them.
When asked whether or not they would purchase the BlackBerry London or Nevada, only 12% said they would purchase the Nevada; with the main reason being down to the “QWERTY keyboard.” Twenty-one percent stated that they liked the initial spec of the BlackBerry London; while 15% said they were holding out for the latest BlackBerry 10 update and Nevada phone due to “brand loyalty.”
Those taking part in the study were asked how they felt about RIM and BlackBerry as a brand, to which 29% stated that they believed the products were “past it,” while 17% said that they preferred Apple when it came to tech gadgets and phones.