The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (DECO) says it’s moving forward with a lawsuit against Apple over information provided on the company’s website that allegedly misleads buyers into purchasing the add-on AppleCare Protection Plan.

In a statement first reported by Portuguese language Apple blog “iPhoneTuga” — and translated by “AppleInsider” (, the non-profit DECO claimed the potential suit comes after “several attempts” to correct allegedly deceptive wording on the iPhone maker’s website pertaining to the for-pay AppleCare Protection Plan.

This is similar to the situation in Italy in which Apple was fined US$1.2 million for “unfair consumer practices.” The Italian Antitrust Authority claimed Apple did not provide “clear information to customers on product assistance.” According to “AppleInsider,” the DECO notes that Portuguese law is similar to Italy’s as product defects are covered for a mandatory two years — a regulation Apple must follow if it seeks to sell products in the country.