Harman International (http://www.JBL.com) has announced availability of the JBL SB 300, an US5$99 soundbar-and-subwoofer system that creates a surround-sound environment without the hassle of speaker wires.

The two-piece home theater sound system simplifies set up compared to traditional five-piece surround-sound systems while delivering a dramatic improvement in sound quality from a television, game console or Blu-ray Disc player, according to Harman Consumer Division President David Slump. The soundbar and wireless subwoofer work in concert to offer robust sound that can turn a living room, a master bedroom or a “man cave” into a theater environment, he adds.

The soundbar can be mounted on a wall beneath a flat-screen television or on a TV stand; the subwoofer can be placed anywhere in the room near a power outlet. The two pieces are wirelessly connected and optimized to work together.
The JBL SB 300 soundbar includes left and right speakers, amplifiers, and top-mounted controls and features the JBL Weave design to complement a flat-panel TV. The enclosed speakers use DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Digital decoding and Dolby Virtual Speaker technology to create a virtual 5.1-channel surround-sound environment. The 100-watt wireless subwoofer adds deep bass .
The soundbar is magnetically shielded to eliminate video interference, while the wireless subwoofer down-fires bass response to interact with a floor, avoiding the wall-reflection that can muddy sound in front-firing subwoofers, says Slump. The JBL SB 300 offers traditional stereo playback and 3D surround processing, making it an effective system for movies and music, he adds. The complete two-piece home theater system ships with a credit-card-size remote control, wall-mounting brackets and audio cables.