From: Darren Williams (
Subject: Funnel Web 2.0 preview release

Active Concepts today released the first preview release of Funnel Web 2.0
the complete Web analysis solution. Funnel Web 2.0 will be officially
launched at MacWorld on July 8 and will offer significant new features to
extend the power of web analysis beyond current standards.

For the first time Funnel Web will support a host of new features such as
multilingual reporting, full archiving and compression using Stuffit and
Gzip and support a number of post processing features such as FTP transfers
and email notification. A full announcement and detailed specifications
will be released at MacWorld.

All current users will receive a free upgrade to 2.0 and until July 8.
After July 8 Funnel Web will be priced at $249 and $499 for the standard
and professional versions.

A preview release is now available for download from

— Active Concepts