Aquafadas has released version 3 of their Mac application BannerZest. BannerZest is a tool used to create banners for websites. BannerZest 3 can be purchased on the Aquafadas Website. The Pro version costs $129 and the Standard version costs $49.

One of the main additions to BannerZest 3 is the capability to create banners as HTML5 in addition to Flash. This allows the banners to be viewed on iOS and other devices that don’t support Flash. In addition, Aquafadas has added 14 new HTML5 themes in the Pro version and 10 new themes in the Standard version.

BannerZest 3 for Mac new features include:
– Exporting banners as HTML5, Flash, or a HTML5/Flash hybrid
– 14 new themes for the Pro version and 10 for the Standard version
– Customizing fallback (e.g. Flash > HTML5 > Simple Animation) to ensure the banner can be viewed on any setup
– Optimized HTML+CSS code for iPhone and iPad
– Various UI refinements and bug fixes
– Mac OS X Lion compatibility

“When I visit a website using my iPhone or iPad and I can not access the content, it’s really frustrating”, said Claudia Zimmer, Aquafadas’ President. “With BannerZest 3 Mac users can now create, preview, and publish banners that can be viewed on any browser – Mac, PC or mobile. BannerZest 3 has been very well received by beta testers and I’m looking forward to see our users getting creative”.

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