Posted by Chris Schafer

Prosoft’s Data Rescue line is targeted toward the careless deleter. With their new version, Data Rescue 3 LE, they have simplified the process by modifying their application to meet the requirements of the Mac App Store. By making this product available on the App Store users can download and install the application in the security of the App Store, and without the otherwise necessary web browsing.

Priced at $59.99, this software is for someone who has lost vital files on an external drive. Data Rescue 3 LE can recover files deleted on an external drive and can recover drives that will show up in Disk Utility yet refuse to mount.

The rules of the Mac App Store prevent applications from requesting administrator access to run, so many features were limited. Two key limitations are that one may only recover files on an external non-startup drive, and that the boot up DVD image that comes with the full version is not included. However, if one decides they need the full functionality of Data Rescue 3 (non-LE) then they may upgrade to it for $39 on Prosoft’s site.
A detailed list of differences between the versions for Data Rescue 3 can be found at

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