Posted by Greg Mills

Apple has such a tiger by the tail trying to keep up with the demand for iPad2, adding a completely new model seems unlikely. However, Apple has a history of turning unlikely products into stelar success stories.

If iPad2 is a success, the natural development of the product line is to add smaller and larger screen sizes and alternative feature sets to create a line of iPads. The one size fits all notion has limits as customers and customer needs vary.

Rumors are floating that Apple will launch a larger, HD iPad with more ports and that it will support Final Cut or digital photo manipulation programs for professionals. A larger HD display will be great for presentations and even some existing applications that are thriving, such as the medical industry.

The stories of a cheaper low end iPhone also are making the rounds. I think the “free iPhone with a two year subscription” market is too important for Apple to pass up. Can they make a cheaper iPhone with current margins? Not likely, but even Apple sees the long term value of locking up markets by selling products at bargain prices. Remember how flustered the industry was when iPad 1 was launched at half the anticipated retail price point?

The saying “it isn’t over till the fat lady sings”, can be translated, Apple rumors aren’t true until Steve Jobs smiles and confirms they are true.