360Works has released DocuBin Enterprise Edition. It allows users to access documents from any platform while on-the-go.

WebDAV allows you to connect to DocuBin from your Mac OS X or Windows system as if you were connecting to a shared folder or mapped drive. The Web client allows you to access your DocuBin files from any web browser.

In addition, dozens of applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), and Android support, WebDAV allows you to browse and edit Microsoft Office or PDF documents on your mobile device before saving them back into DocuBin. DocuBin is a document management (DMS) and digital asset management (DAM) software package offering a single, structured location for all documents and files that your organization needs to keep track of.

DocuBin’s pricing starts at US$295 for single users and $1,800 for 10-user workgroups. DocuBin Enterprise Edition starts at $2,700 for 10-user workgroups and isn’t available for single users. Discounts are available for educational and non-profit organizations. A free demo version of DocuBin, as well as the Enterprise Edition, is available for download at the 360Works DocuBin website (http://www.360works.com).