O’Reilly Media has released “Programming iOS 4” (US$49.99), a book that digs into Cocoa, Objective-C and Xcode.

“The book is aimed primarily at the intelligent reader who may know something about programming but has never programmed for iPhone before,” says author Matt Neuberg. “Without a clear understanding of the basic linguistic and framework underpinnings of the iPhone API, you’ll eventually be flailing. This book trains the attentive student into a knowledgeable, aware iPhone programmer, from the bottom up.”

Topics covered include:

° Objective-C language details and object-oriented programming concepts;

° The anatomy of an Xcode project and all the stages of its lifecycle;

° Key Cocoa concepts such as relationships between classes, receiving events, and model-view-controller architecture;

° How how views are managed, drawn, composited, and animated;

° Using Cocoa frameworks for sound, video, sensors, maps, and more;

° Advanced topics such as threading and networking;

° Exploring advanced iOS features on your own.

Neuberg has a PhD in Classics and has taught at many universities and colleges. He has been programming computers since 1968. He has written applications for Mac OS X and iOS, is a former editor of “MacTech Magazine,” and is a long-standing contributing editor for TidBITS. Neuberg’s previous O’Reilly books are “Frontier: The Definitive Guide,” “REALbasic: The Definitive Guide” and “AppleScript: The Definitive Guide.”

For more information about the “Programming iOS 4,” including the table of contents, go to http://oreilly.com/catalog/0636920010258 .