Acclivity has announced AccountEdge Basic for Mac. Their new small business accounting application creates sales, manages banking and customers, runs over 85 reports and integrates with many of Acclivity’s other small business apps and services.

AccountEdge Basic makes use of AccountEdge’s command center. The sales command center allows for the creation of customizable quotes, orders, and invoices. A complete accounts receivable tracking system lets you know who owes you money and how overdue they are, according to Acclivity Managing Partner Tom Nash. In the banking command center, checks can be written, bank deposits prepared, and accounts reconciled. The card file tracks customer, employee, and vendor information, and syncs with Address Book.

AccountEdge Basic works with many services and add-on applications offered by Acclivity, including Merchant Account Service, Full Service Payroll, and Enstore. Integration with AccountEdge Mobile is awaiting App Store approval and is expected shortly.

AccountEdge Basic replaces FirstEdge in Acclivity’s Mac product line. FirstEdge customers who want to move from FirstEdge to AccountEdge Basic can do so after upgrading their existing company file with the included upgrade assistant.

AccountEdge Basic requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher. It’s available through the AccountEdge website ( and is priced at US$99. AccountEdge Basic has been submitted to the Mac App Store and is awaiting approval.