Joby Innovation ( has released new versions of the hands-free positioning and camera optimizing case and stands, GorillaMobile Ori (pictured) and GorillaMobile Yogi for the iPad 2.

The GorillaMobile Ori for iPad 2 provides ergonomic positioning all in a protective case and stand. Drawing its inspiration from the folding art of origami, the GorillaMobile Ori is engineered from a superlight German-made aluminum/polypropylene composite used in high-performance cars, says Joby CEO Forrest Baringer-Jones. This next-generation material allows the Ori to be folded into countless positions designed with the needs of the mobile professional in mind, he adds. When folded back into its folio mode, the Ori delivers lightweight, rigid stability that can slip into a bag.

For iPad users who would rather read and watch videos in the comfort of their bed or on the couch, the GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 stretches and wraps into the perfect position, says Bariinger-Jones. The legs of the GorillaMobile Yogi twist and bend to stabilize the iPad on uneven surfaces or wrap around fixtures in the kitchen.

The polycarbonate case with rubber bumper protects your iPad from shocks and falls. In addition, the quick-release clip detaches the modular legs, allowing the case and legs to be used in landscape or portrait mode.

The GorillaMobile Ori for iPad 2 is available for US$69.95, and the GorillaMobile Yogi for iPad 2 retails for $39.95. Both products are available for purchase today on and