Native Instruments has introduced Vintage Compressors (, a set of modeled classic dynamic processors for use in Guitar Rig 4 and in the free Guitar Rig Player.

Produced in collaboration with DSP experts, Softube, the collection comprises three high-end studio compressors and can be used to creatively treat a range of instruments and sounds.

Vintage Compressors is the first release in a new range of professional studio effects based on the Guitar Rig effects framework. It comprises three different models designated as the VC 76, VC 2A and VC 160. While the VC 76 excels at drums and vocals, the VC 2A is popular for vocals, bass and guitar, with the VC 160 being a common choice for string instruments and individual drum sounds as well.

Vintage Compressors is available as a download in the NI Online Shop for US$229. Individual models cost $119 each.