Ultralingua Announces Multilingual Dictionaries v. 6.1 for Mac OS X version
10.5 Leopard

Oct. 26, Minneapolis, MN, Ultralingua announced today the release of a new,
expanded version 6.1 multilingual dictionary/thesaurus specifically
optimized for Mac OS X version 10.5 Leopard. Ultralingua is the first
independent dictionary released for Leopard.

The new version from Ultralingua offers rapid, flexible and high-quality
delivery of definitions, translations, conjugations and related information
in an application optimized for the Macintosh Leopard operating system.

In addition to giving the Ultralingua interface the look and feel of
Apple’s new operating system, version 6.1 includes improvements in features
and data:

— updated and enhanced dictionaries for most languages
— improved verb conjugator
— improved data display
— various small interface improvements

Further details, and free trial versions, are available at the Ultralingua
website: . Ultralingua dictionaries cost $29.95
per language.

The new Leopard version confirms Ultralingua’s commitment to making
high-quality language resources available for popular platforms. In
addition to Mac OS X, Ultralingua dictionaries are available for Windows,
Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Windows Smartphone, and the Web. Volume and site
licenses are also available, as well as developer versions (APIs) for
integration in other applications.

About Ultralingua Inc.

For over 10 years, Ultralingua has been a leading provider of language
tools for educators, translators, and business travellers worldwide. The
company’s product lines include translation dictionaries, dictionaries of
definitions, grammar and spelling checkers, a thematic encyclopedia and
semantic search technology. Ultralingua supports a wide range of platforms,
including all current Windows and Apple operating systems and most mobile
platforms. The company develops its own dictionaries and other language
data but also includes data from others, including Collins (UK).
Ultralingua is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.