Servoy Announces Mac OS X Leopard and iPhone Compatibility

Thousand Oaks, CA –Servoy is today the only Integrated and Development and
Deployment Environment to announce full compatibility with Apple’s recently
released operating system Mac OS X Leopard. All of Servoy’s products are
now compatible with Mac OS X Leopard including: Servoy Developer, Servoy
Server, Servoy Smart Client, Servoy Web Client, Servoy Runtime Edition,
Servoy Offline Edition and Servoy MultiDeveloper Server.

Worldwide over 200,000 users interact on a regular basis with Servoy-based
software both in Client/Server applications and in Web and SaaS
environments. Servoy estimates over 50,000 of these users to be based on a
Mac, so supporting Apple’s latest release is of critical importance to the
company. Jan Aleman, CEO of Servoy: “We are committed to supporting not
only current but also future versions of important operating systems
including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, to ensure that the investment our
customers make in the Servoy environment is protected and future-proof.”

Applications developed in Servoy can be deployed to Mac OS X, Windows,
Linux and Solaris and even to mobile devices like PDA’s, including the
iPhone using Servoy Web Client technology. Bob Cusick, Managing Director of
Servoy USA: “Servoy’s Web Client is the fastest way of both building and
delivering web-based applications bar none. All the HTML and AJAX coding
that normally has to be done by hand is fully taken care of by Servoy and
makes it extremely easy and fast to deliver web-based applications in a
fraction of the time it would take in other environments.”

For more information, please visit ( Servoy, BV is
an international firm that creates a powerful application development and
deployment software used by independent software vendors (ISVs), businesses
and consultants in over 25 countries. It can be deployed to the laptop,
handheld or the web all from a single code base. Based on Java — Servoy
uses a powerful scripting language that makes it the fastest RAD tool on
the market. Features of Servoy include AJAX, http tunneling and
secure-by-default security features.