Apple and Google share the top spot in a study of the world’s most reputable companies conducted by the Reputation Institute (, an international organization “devoted to advancing knowledge about corporate reputations and to providing professional assistance to companies interested in measuring and managing their reputations proactively.”

Disney, BMW and LEGO round out the top five in the 2011 Global RepTrak 100, a consumer study developed by Reputation Institute to assess the reputations of 100 of the world’s most prominent companies.  The study provides an assessment of the global reputation landscape — the companies that are most liked, trusted, and respected by over 48,000 consumers across 15 countries. Data collection was powered by Survey Sampling International.  Five other companies round out the Top Ten: Sony, Daimler, Canon, Intel and Volkswagen.

A major finding of this study is that most companies have stronger reputations in their home countries than abroad.  But even these powerhouse companies aren’t able to generate respect in all 15 countries.  Apple, Google, LEGO, and Sony are the only companies to make the top 10 in nine of the 15 countries. Even more telling is the fact that, of the 100 companies, only 12 made the top 10 in five or more of the 15 countries.