Sample Logic and System Blue have joined forces on two products: Rumble (US$299.99) and Fanfare ($399.99), a set of Kontakt Player virtual instruments that combine traditional marching drums and brass with cinematic sound design.

Rumble ( ) and Fanfare ( feature the DCI World Champion Blue Devils drum and bugle corps and was recorded by Leslie Ann Jones on the Scoring Stage at Skywalker Sound (a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company). The former will ship Aug. 8; the latter sometime this fall. Both are available for pre-order.

Rumble delivers a set of marching drum samples. Each instrument was captured using modern film score recording techniques at multiple dynamic levels, round-robins, and at close, mid, and far microphone placements,.

Fanfare features an array of marching brass instruments recorded both on the scoring stage and on the field at Ralph Wilson Stadium (home of the Buffalo Bills). The indoor recordings were done at close, mid, and far microphone placements, while the outdoor recordings were captured by Grammy Award winner Frank Dorritie using stadium surround sound recording techniques.

Rumble and Fanfare require Kontakt Player 4.2.3 or higher and an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or later.