X-Wave Soft (http://xwavesoft.com) has announced eXtra Voice Recorder, an US$9.99 audio recording tool for Mac OS X. It’s designed to facilitate recording, offering a number of advanced, time-saving features.

The app supports instant recording to a new or existing file and allows users to supply each recording with a detailed description. Important parts can be tagged and commented on for ease of searching, both during and after recording. All recordings can be continued at any time.

eXtra Voice Recorder supports categorization and features a search mechanism. With the help of the “Split” function, every recording can be broken into several fragments.

The software works with its own recordings and files created by external applications. The latter can be added to the eXtra Voice Recorder collection by dragging and dropping them onto the program window. eXtra Voice Recorder also supports recording without pauses. In this mode, the program starts recording only when it detects sound and stops recording during periods of silence. A demo is available for download.