The iPhone 4 and Apple App Store have both received Guinness World Records, with the iPhone 4 becoming the fastest selling portable gaming system and the App Store getting named the most popular application marketplace, reports “CNET” (

Based on analyst estimates of 1.5 million units for first day sales, Guinness has dubbed the iPhone 4 to be the “fastest-selling portable gaming system,” topping first day sales of Sony’s PlayStation Portable. “For comparison, the PSP shifted 200,000 units on its launch date in 2005, and the DS took a week to move 500,000 consoles in November 2004,” Guinness said in a statement.

“CNET” notes that the Apple App Store picked up three records, nabbing the “most popular application marketplace” at 6.5 billion downloads since launch, the “largest downloadable video game store” record with 37,362 games (as of September 2010), and “the largest launch line-up of any gaming system” at 145 games out of the 500 apps at launch.