Walden University has expanded MobileLearn with its new site on Apple’s iTunes U, an exclusive community of colleges and universities from around the world that shares its content for free.

First launched in 2009, MobileLearn gives Walden students the flexibility to decide where and when they learn, and choose how they learn to match their preferred learning style. Visitors to Walden’s new iTunes U site can find course content, experiential videos, highlights of the achievements of Walden students, faculty and graduates and other resources all available for download in the same way that individuals access music and movies using iTunes.

“For Walden students, learning doesn’t stop when they’re away from their computer because they can take their course materials wherever they go,” says David L. Clinefelter, Ph.D., Walden’s chief academic officer. “This increased access is part of our commitment to make it more convenient for our students, especially busy working professionals, to pursue higher degrees and advance their careers.”

In MobileLearn-enabled courses, students can access course materials, download podcasts, video or audio content from their online classroom to a smartphone or MP3 player, or download files to their laptop to use when traveling without an Internet connection. Through Walden’s app for the iPhone or iPod touch, students can access their online classroom, view university messages and Walden email and contact student support services.

Walden is continuously expanding MobileLearn throughout its courses and programs. To learn more, go to http://www.WaldenU.edu/mobilelearn .