Sonnet Technologies ( has released the
Fusion DX800RAID, an eight-drive RAID SATA storage system with a
built-in SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) expander that enables connection
of up to 16 eight-drive enclosures to a single Sonnet RAID controller.

Robert Farnsworth, CEO of Sonnet Technologies, says this newest
addition to the Fusion line provides the speed required for working
with uncompressed 10-bit 1080 HD video; the data security and
monitoring critical in a large RAID system; and the straightforward
scalability necessary for cost-effective, incremental expansion of
storage capacity. The DX800RAID system supports RAID 5 and RAID 6.

The Fusion DX800RAID is designed to provide reliable, flexible,
high-performance, direct attached storage for office and studio use,
Farnsworth says. With its eight drives formatted as a RAID 5 group
(data protection for a single-drive failure), a Fusion DX800RAID
yields read and write file transfer speeds of up to 680 MB/sec and
640 MB/second, respectively, fast enough for single-stream 2K (2048 x
1556) LOG RGB capture and playback. Expanded to 16 drives, RAID 6
formatting gives the new Sonnet system failsafe protection in the
event of two concurrent drive failures.

The Fusion DX800RAID is SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) 2.0 compliant,
a feature more commonly found on enterprise storage systems, and
enhanced S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting
Technology) data reporting for each hard drive installed in the
system. Integrated into the Fusion DX800RAID, SES functionality
provides enhanced real-time monitoring and reporting of drive, power
supply, and temperature status, all conveyed to the user through
utilities application screens and the illumination of LEDs on the
enclosure. S.M.A.R.T. data criteria can be used to notify the user of
an impending drive failure.

Complete Fusion DX800RAID storage systems include the eight-drive
enclosure with eight formatted (Mac OS) 3.5-inch Enterprise/RAID
edition hard drive modules, along with a Sonnet RAID controller card,
two heavy-duty two-meter mini-SAS data cables, a power cable, a
software CD, and documentation. Four-meter and six-meter cables are
optionally available. Fusion DX800RAID expansion systems include the
enclosure, drives, and power cable.

Complete Fusion DX800RAID storage systems’ suggested retail prices
are as follows: Fusion DX800RAID (4TB) at US$3,995, Fusion DX800RAID
(6TB) at $4,495, and Fusion DX800RAID (8TB) at $5,495. Fusion
DX800RAID expansion systems’ suggested retail prices are as follows:
Fusion DX800RAID Expansion (4TB) at $2,695, Fusion DX800RAID
Expansion (6TB) at $3,195, and Fusion DX800RAID Expansion (8TB) at