XChange International (http://www.xchangeuk.com) has released
Exportools for InDesign CS4 as well as Exportools XT for QuarkXPress
8. Exportools automates the process of exporting individual pages,
spreads or selections into separate files.

The app can “intelligently” extract all the document text, and export
to other formats such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Photoshop, PICT and HTML.
Exportools comes with a smart name composition engine that allows
users to specify variable placeholders, such as page or serial
numbers, that change automatically to uniquely name each exported

Exportools can also be configured to open each of the exported files
with a post-processing application the user chooses. For example,
they can select Adobe Photoshop to open the saved EPS files; or have
Microsoft Word open the pages they just exported as text. Exportools
keeps track of up to 50 recent post-processing applications the user
has used.

Exportools also provides the ability to export selections of items.
The user selects the items in their InDesign or QuarkXPress document,
and Exportools will save that portion of the document to the desired
format. The user can optionally specify a margin bleed, and whether
to include or not the area enclosed by the selection.

Exportools also sports an Export Log window. This window reports in
real time which files are being exported, their exact name and
location, plus any errors that may occur during the output process.

Exportools requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, QuarkXPress versions 4
through 8 or Adobe InDesign CS3 and CS4. It costs approximately US$90.