Trend Micro (, which specializes in Internet content security, has released Trend Micro SafeSync for Business. The Mac and Windows compatible product is designed to help even the smallest companies securely save, manage and access their digital files from anywhere at any time, while increasing productivity by enabling file sharing between co-workers and clients, says Dan Conlon, engineering director and developer at Trend Micro.

Using secure cloud-based technology, SafeSync for Business is designed to let users easily access and share all their data while ensuring that they are protected, saved and up to date across multiple computers and mobile devices via the innovative synchronization technology, he says. SafeSync also keeps an additional, up to date, copy in the cloud that can be accessed from any web enabled device or used in case of hardware failure or loss.

Conlon says SafeSync eliminates the need to manually move files from one computer to another, which is not only time-consuming but more subject to data loss. The result is superior organization of data and the ability to quickly and easily share and backup digital files, he adds.

According to a recent Trend Micro survey, only 12% of small businesses are not using smartphones for business use, while 43% of businesses say at least one or more of their employees use tablets to access their IT systems.

“We know that the majority of small business owners are juggling multiple devices and don’t have a server to help backup and protect their sensitive data,” says Conlon. “We’re excited to be able to offer an affordable and easy-to-use solution to protect their files whether they’re in the office, at home or on the road that won’t slow them down.”

With SafeSync for Business, users will receive continuous updates and improvements, and small businesses will be protected from data loss because SafeSync for Business can replace or complement existing back-up systems. Companies can also collaborate internally or externally with shared folders. The sharing function allows employees to share their files with co-workers and clients anytime, anywhere.

This not only improves employee productivity but also removes the need for expensive and complex on premise storage equipment, which may be a reason why some small businesses aren’t adopting servers, says Conlon. Trend Micro’s survey also found that 42% of businesses with three to 10 computers say they have no file server at all. Additional benefits for users of the service include data recovery, e instant sharing, remote access from any web enabled device, security, and more.

SafeSync for Business is available immediately in the U.S. and as well as all of Europe, Middle East and Africa with English, Spanish, Italian, French and German language versions being made available at launch. It will be available in Japan in the third quarter of the year. Pricing starts at US$90 per user (50GB), per year and adjusts downward with volume licensing.