According to the statistics of ResearchInChina Smart Terminal Database (, among the 220 tablet computers under 83 brands available as of February 2011, Apple, Gome, and Eben ranked top three by sales volume, while Apple, Eking, and Eben ranked top three by sales value.

“In 2010, Apple iPad set off an upsurge of tablet PC on a global scale and urged all the manufacturers that tried to compete with Apple to redesign their products, which postponed the release of the majority of competitive tablet PCs till 2011,” Research and Markets says. “In 2010, the iPad not only fueled the rapid growth of tablet PC market but exerted a revolutionary influence upon the entire media industry and propelled the 3C manufacturers in the consumer electronics, computer and communication industry as well as the traditional media magnates into the tablet PC industry.”

According to ResearchInChina, the market size of tablet PCs in China approximated 1.73 million in 2010. It’s predicted to reach 34 million in 2014.